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Shri Kalikambaal Jothidam

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Astrology is based of Shastras, if we look into this, everything that exists or everything that is perceived through the senses is ruled by the Navagrahas. This Navagrahas will decide our fate. This fate is all about the birth time i.e. 9 Planet, 27 Constellation and 12 zodiac sign.

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May 2016

Planet Facts

The order of the planets from closest to the Sun outwards is; Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Ura...


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  •  Accurate and detailed prediction outstanding knowledge in field of astrology everything astrologer predicted happening in my life.  


    2017, Feb 17

  •  Very good service. Very much reliable on the astrology. I strongly recommend to anyone who is looking for astrology  

    Udhaya Prakesh

    2017, Feb 17

  •  I was going through bad phase of my life in earlier 2016 and after a long search went to him with some hope. He just requested me to provide my date of birth with accurate birth time and location. Beleive it or not he was actually reviewing my 27 years life time and it was good analysis through my birth date. He just requested me to follow some do's and Don't with some simple procedure and also with a gemstone according to my horoscope. I do feel postive energy through myself after his counselling and life thoughts. I hope my life continues this way.  

    Kannan Dhanraj
    Chennai / india

    2017, Feb 17

  •  It was a great experince to me. I came to know what i did and came to know about my character; accordingly uncle has suggested me to wear stones. Now iam happy n contended. I was worried about my carrer he said it ll b corrected after august of 2016 after perusing my horoscope; accordingly i gt into a good company nw with which iam happy. Thanks to uncle u've been instrumental in shaping my career n life.  


    2016, May 14