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About Shri Kalikambal Jothidam.com

Shri Kalikambal Jothidam is one of the most authentic astrology destinations for not only those who are seeking astrological assistance


Founder Of Shri Kalikambaal jothidam Since 1987, I was person of researching this astrology (i.e.) for the past 29 years. In my experience, I found so many peoples of more effeciency but living in poor status and peoples of inefficient are living luxurious life. On seeing those peoples, I have decided to research the art of astrology in deep.

My methods of Astrology are scientific.  Astrology is a Magic Mirror which predicts our life of present and future in advance.  To learn this art of Astrology, 27 Stars, 9 Planets and 12 rasi houses are required.
In astrological predictions Lagnam or lagan or ascendant is a very important calculation. Lagnam literally represents your soul in astrology. And the Zodiac signs are just outline of our body. Zodiac signs will change 2 1/4 times per day but Lagnam is the reference of the degree on which the Sun’s energy falls on a child at it time of birth. This is a minute calculation and it changes every 2 hours approximately in day. Astrology teaches the importance of Ascendant. It is one which says about the character, business, Honor, self confidence, success etc.

Rasi of a child is calculated with reference to the position of Moon at the time of birth. If moon was travelling in the sky at a place called “Mirigashirisham” for example then the child is born in Mars nakshatram. Lagnam or the Ascendants are further minute calculations that can specify a child’s birth within a fraction of minute also in astrology. Astrology is not a nonsupersititious. It is a alert to be safe in this world.

I followed a new technique in the Astrology field. Checking the sin chart, and the directions, and the movement of the planet, then to the see the sub planets  of the planet  are the main thing for the astrology. We can tell the exact future predictions. The planet and the Constellation and the sub planets these are all shows the final results. If this planet works or not, such things you can find out by wearing the Navaratna stones and get success in the life, going to temple, doing pujas, making kalasam, with kalasam doing pujas these are not the best practice in Astrology.

Simple way to the success is wearing Navaratana gem stones in the hand. Which leads you simple way for success. Lots of disbeliefs in the Astrology that is Rahu Kaal, Emakandam, waning of moon, kirithigai, Margazhli month, birth of child in Chithirai month, separating new couples in adi month, evil eye. These are disbeliefs in tamil astrology.

Many we can see just living without any targets. With the support of the astrology we can achieve lots of things. The astrology will show us right path and with this we can achieve lots in our life.
From 1987 with the support of planets,  with the Grahas my predictions was given lots of changes and achievements. This combination of research will  increase our science knowledge and we look into this.

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